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Signbox Microsystems can transform the way
your company communicates.

By giving you the power to deploy and manage your digital signage and digital-out-of-home (DOOH) media network from the server through to the player, and regardless of the number of sign locations or distances between each, Signbox allows you to communicate to a target audience in real time.

Video images and colourful, informative, even entertaining images are proven to be more effective at audience engagement - capturing and holding the public’s attention than traditional forms of advertising, be they billboards, posters or pamphlets. Motion attracts the viewer’s attention. Changing information maintains interest. Signbox makes this possible with cost effective multimedia solutions that can be specifically designed around virtually any business requirements.


  • Signbox software utilises a Triple DES encryption system and is security hardened to operate on a primary banking network - a feature that is very hard to find in digital signage software today.

    Over the years Signbox software has been regularly tested and approved under the Web Application Baseline Security Checklist for a major Singaporean bank, which requires it to comply with 70 different security criteria.

    Having security hardened software has allowed the Signbox product to be used by another six banking clients throughout the region - a number that Signbox anticipates will keep growing as it continues to invest in the development of security hardened software.

  • Signbox Microsystems understands that no matter how good the product, after-sales service is going to be required at some point in time. Which is why Signbox customers receive both on-site and off-site technical support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    A dedicated support team is available to answer questions and provide solutions by phone, e-mail, SMS messaging, Skype or via remote access.

    Click here for contact details for our support team.

  • Signbox can deliver on your unique digital signage requirements. With it's team of Singapore based programmers, Signbox is prepared to make the customisations that are needed to make a digital signage system work for your business.

    Whatever the size of your business requirements, big or small, Signbox Microsystems can integrate the functionality you need with s digital signage solution. Would you like to advertise your product onscreen, and allow a customer to buy it instantly with a swipe of their credit card? No problem. Signbox Microsystems can customise a digital signage solution to your exact specifications.

  • The Signbox suite of modules are designed to add extra functionality to a Signbox digital signage system. Modules are regularly released in congruence with feedback received from digital signage users and the availability of new technologies.

    Some of the Signbox modules are industry specific - the signCine module is perfect for customers wanting to setup a digital signage network in their cinema venue. Other modules are designed to add extra benefit to a digital signage system no matter what industry it is being used in, for example the signLive module allows live TV streaming onto the digital signage screens. 

    Visit the Signbox add-on modules page for a complete list add-on modules.

Products & solutions

Signbox Microsystems offer an end-to-end digital signage solution that can be customised to suit the industry:

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