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By giving you the power to deploy and manage your digital signage and digital-out-of-home (DOOH) media network from the server through to the player, and regardless of the number of signage locations or distances between each, Signbox allows you to communicate to a target audience in real time.


Our market-leading Signcloud® platform is a powerful but low cost digital signage for Android™ solution built on secure and scalable cloud technology.  We also support media player devices running Windows, Mac, Linux and even Raspberry Pi!

Signcloud supports advanced digital signage features like facial recognition and audience measurement, NFC and RFID reading, geotagging and geofencing, as well as touch screen compatibility.

Signbox Pro

Signbox Pro leverages the power of industry-standard HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, combined with the world's most popular content management system (CMS), Wordpress, to bridge the gap between old-school digital signage networks and the modern world wide web.

Developed for the large corporate user, Signbox Pro runs on standard Windows hardware for both the server and players and can be deployed either on-premise or via our secure cloud hosting environment.  A single server instance is deployed for each customer account providing enhanced security and content segregation.

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