Target your advertising and measure its effectiveness in real time.

signEye is an audience measurement and analysis tool which can be used with the Signbox digital signage system.

The signEye system uses a digital camera in conjunction with the latest in facial recognition technology, to identify audience metrics that occur in the field of vision.   The digital camera is embedded in the screen frame and will normally be located above or below a digital signage screen, so the recorded metrics are directly related to the content being shown on the digital signage screen in real time.

signEye metrics include:

  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Total number of people in the vicinity of the screen (possible impressions)
  • Total number of people that looked directly at the screen (actual impressions)
  • Length of time people spent looking at the screen (length of impression)
  • Length of time people spent in the vicinity of the screen (dwell time)

signCampaign is another add-on module for Signbox that offers real time feedback on the effectiveness of your content.

signEye digital signage system diagram