Digital signage Facebook

Used in conjunction with Signbox, the signFB add-on module enables the display of a company’s Facebook page on their digital signage screens.

Using signFB, a single screen in a public area can be dedicated to the company’s Facebook page.  Alternatively, the company Facebook page could be displayed throughout the entire corporate signage network, worldwide. 

Typically, companies display information like their address, links and corporate logo on their Facebook pages.  An added benefit is that customers, clients and visitors can see their own wall posts appearing on the digital displays in real time as they add them to Facebook.

SignFB allows a company to appeal to younger audiences.

The IT generation appreciate when a business uses a modern social networking application to get their name and corporate image out there.  Teenagers particularly enjoy writing on the wall of a company Facebook page and seeing their posts displayed on a company’s digital signage screen.  Because these types of images grab and hold the public’s attention, signFB has the potential to be a powerful marketing tool in almost any commercial environment.

By displaying a company Facebook page on digital signage, the business is effectively saying to its target market, “We’re modern.  We’re up to date.  We know how to communicate.”

signFB digital signage system diagram